“Thank you for providing a truly outstanding presentation during the FORSCOM Tactical C4 Conference. Your participation in the conference helped provide the best information to our units as they transform into modular formation and prepare to deploy back into theater. The nation is privilege to have professionals like you who are dedicated to keeping our Army successful in this must-win war against terrorism”

William T. Lashe

Colonel, SC Deputy Chief of Staff, G-6


I would like to thank you on behalf of the United Way Services Leadership Development Program (UWSLDP) celebration Planning Committee for the wonderful and inspiring speech that you gave. I have heard nothing but praise concerning the information you shared with us. They also expressed appreciation for the fact that you had applied those principles of leadership within your own volunteer experience.

Tika N.Y. Fufuka, Chair

25th UWSLDP Celebration

United Way Services


When a year ends we take time here at Federal Express to reflect on the things that were right and the things that were wrong. One of the things that stands out as a success, is the invitation we extended to you to speak at the southwest District Operations Awards Banquet. You exemplified that year’s performance with your address. Thank you again for your graciousness and inspiring message.

Georgia Dumas Whiting, Manager

AGT&T Southeast District Engineering, FedEx


“Your energized words charged the audience to give back to the community and to help others gain the opportunity this experience delivers. You set the stage for the single most successful scholarship fund-raising event our alumni have ever hosted”

Paul Damos, Dean

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

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