Survive and Succeed: Thriving in a Flexible Team Environment

The goal of the program is to assist the participants to ceate a shared language and understanding with its internal and external customers.This leadership and professional development course has many practical applications. It not only serves to improve team dynamics through dialogue and discussion using reflections and inquiry, but it also increases self-awareness, enhances the development of positive relationships which leads to more flexibility to adapt to change and growth. All the course elements are applicable to everyday situations.

Teamwork And Attitude Are Everything™

Help your staff create a common denominator of focus, while developing relationships, adapting to change and creating a vision for the future. After this highly interactive learning laboratory, participants will function as a cohesive high performance team to achieve more, make better decisions, adapt to change and create a healthy vision for the future.


Intrapreneurship As A Corporate Strategy™

Develop a spirit of entrepreneurship within your corporate structure Rich focuses on each step of the process that transforms employees into Intrapreneur leaders, motivating them to become achievers and to explore possibilities for product or service innovation in the mindset of an entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship As An Alternative Career™

Rich helps you take inventory of yourself, explore alternatives and find the business that’s right for you. By using an incremental approach.

Rich transforms your employee mindset to a self-employed attitude and, finally, to the self-actualization of entrepreneurship.. He helps you understand the mindset of the entrepreneur.

Uncover your hidden entrepreneurial potential, develop entrepreneurial leadership mindset and implement a plan of action.


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